Hemisphere GNSS aligned with International Maritime Organization Wheelmarked applications

Cost effective GNSS disrupting maritime navigation market

Hemisphere’s all-in-one Vector GNSS compass solutions provide precise heading and positioning for IMO Wheelmarked applications, hydrographic surveying vessels, fishing vessels, leisure boats, work boats and other general marine navigation applications.

The rugged and reliable design of these precise positioning and heading receivers make them ideal solutions to replace traditional gyrocompasses, at a fraction of the cost.

Combining Hemisphere’s single and duel frequency technologies and multipath-resistant antennas, the Vector compasses bring a collection of robust features including heave, pitch and troll output as well as NMEA 0183, NMEA200, Bluetooth and wifi support.

Marine Market Types

Hemisphere’s integrated technologies and hardware cater marine applications in three well defined market segments.

Professional: High-precision positioning projects requiring 2 to 8 cm positioning accuracy and up to 0.01 degree heading accuracy fall into this category.

Commercial: Applications in this segment including vessels requiring IMO-type approval along with general marine navigation, necessitate sub-meter positioning accuracy.

Recreational: Typically, a yacht owner needs 1 to 2 degree heading accuracy and 1 to 2 m accuracy for positioning.


Satellite Support

In addition to design flexibility and scalable solutions, our OEM and end-user customers benefit from Hemisphere’s Atlas precision differential positioning service.  Hemisphere’s Atlas is an innovative positioning service that delivers high-precision differential correction signals via L-band satellites at scalable accuracies ranging from meter to a few centimeters.

Leveraging more than 200 reference stations worldwide and L-band satellites distributing corrections, virtually all the earth’s landmass has coverage.  Atlas support is available on all Atlas-capable Hemisphere single and dual frequency, multi-GNSS, RTK-capable hardware.  Using multi-frequency hardware, Atlas corrects all GNSS satellites to provide fast convergence times and allowing extremely robust and reliable usage near wharfs, piers, offshore rigs, cranes, and other overhead obstructions.

With single frequency hardware, Atlas achieves instant global sub-meter positioning accuracy, comparable to, and typically more robust than SBAS, since Atlas corrects all available constellations since Atlas corrects all available constellations.

Atlas compliments third-party GNSS receivers by allowing them to use Atlas corrections with Hemisphere’s innovative SmartLink and BaseLink capabilities.  Also included, is Hemisphere’s aRTK technology.  aRTK is an Atlas-based RTK augmentation system that provides RTK-level accuracy, availability, and reliability when RTK corrections fail.  

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