Plot your Position with IPOZ & Hemisphere GNSS Solutions

Subsea Positioning experts bring Satellite Corrections service to maritime market.

As a company rich with history in the global positioning market, IPOZ Systems LLC (IPOZ) has decided to partner with international high-performance satellite positioning and heading marketplace provider, Hemisphere, to bring their superior positioning solutions into the professional, commercial and recreational marine markets.

Catering to both the nearshore & offshore, Hemisphere GNSS next generation marine produces, services and solutions equip you with the tools to be accurate, efficient, productive and reliable.

Already effectively used across the broad supply chain, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), system integrators, and end-users rely on Hemisphere’s heading, positioning, and navigation solutions for professional, commercial, and recreational marine applications to withstand some of the harshest conditions from shallow waters and rough coastlines to unpredictable weather and wild seas.

A cultural fit: Market Disruptive Solutions

IPOZ General Manager, Joel Saxum, comments on how the Hemisphere GNSS product line fits into the IPOZ suite of offerings, “Hemisphere fits naturally with our vision of offering disruptive technologies - it can significantly lower CapEX and OpEX spend while delivering comparable performance to leading market offerings.”

“The maritime positioning market has been dominated by a few key providers over the last few decades. This leaves an opportunity for a player like Hemisphere to offer a financially optimized and competitive technology so that it can disrupt the market with cost savings.”

Will it work for my application?

In the coming months, IPOZ will be running an informational sharing campaign called Plot Your Position that will highlight how and why the Hemisphere suites GNSS equipment and satellite corrections service can support your ongoing positioning needs.