Oh how quickly the energy has changed…

As industry rebounds, convention is full of life with an eye focused on the future.

Thousands of energy professionals gathered in the halls of Houston’s NRG Center just last week for this year’s Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).  

In it’s 50th year, OTC’s participants excitedly shared their outlook on the future - with foreseeable growth opportunities expected to impact the entire supply chain – sentiments at this year’s event were a far cry from the outlook and energy just two years ago. 

The oil industry’s downturn has driven change across its entire landscape – causing participants to think of innovative ways to reduce spend while improving efficiency; a difficult task for any industry - specifically one that is known for its traditional nature.  The most notable of OTC exhibitors were clearly focused on showcasing innovative long-term business solutions – it was very evident that technology based in automation plays a vital role in the markets evolution as it stands today.  

“For a company like IPOZ, there is no better place to learn what is really going on in the industry – you can check LinkedIn a thousand times over – but physically seeing the technology and speaking to the people who really understand it best is priceless. Seeing is believing.” - IPOZ Joel | General Manager   

OTC clearly depicted one key takeaway – the innovation is speeding up. Digitalization is happening – and it is driving the way in which we work.

The downside to all of this?   

The perspective taken as to “why” companies are doing this. 

Stay tuned to hear our take on this very important topic, “the why”.