The One Dive Solution

Reducing your vessel time using efficient and proven metrology solutions.

Once up upon a time long ago - data collection for subsea infrastructures relied on the use of a diver venturing down and hoping for the best taking stills in the muddy deep - but where have we gone since then?

Subsea data collection methods have certainly progressed over the last couple of decades - leading industry professionals to focus on speed & reliability to ultimately save on the impact of vessel time for the operation.

The IPOZ GIPSEA® Inertial Metrology™ system is our all-in-one solution to add time savings to the next metrology portion of the project.

The One Dive Solution. Rapid data collection combined with near real-time reporting.

What is the IPOZ GIPSEA® Inertial Metrology™ system?

IPOZ GIPSEA® Inertial Metrology™ system is a depth rated survey instrument for the accurate measurement of positions, distances, depths and full orientation (heading, pitch and roll) of any underwater structure, in particular future pipeline jumper locations (“metrology”) even with no “acoustic line of sight” between receptacles.

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