An "Innovative Perspective" - the secret ingredient to success

When we look back at the historic success of our sister company, Discovery Acquisition Services (DAS), we remember it’s because of the investment made in technology right from the start.

Using technology to dramatically improve the experience of companies looking to perform land-based survey applications we pioneered wide-scale fully integrated RTK GPS systems in the world of seismic survey and to this day, we are still focusing on tech to improve the industries in which we operate.

When it comes to IPOZ, this is where our innovative thinkers reside.

Working in the technology space and bringing solutions into our industries means focusing on the future. However, as technology continues to advance at incomparable speeds, we are sure to remain nimble enough to adopt new ideas early giving us a first mover advantage.  

We are involved in a lot of exciting projects spread across a variety of industries – and we want to start sharing these with our online community! The planet is bursting at the seams with technology that’s more intelligent and more accessible than ever before and moving forward we are going to be a big part of that. 

Soon you will be able to catch real time stories through our dedicated online presence, after all what’s the point of having a story if it can’t be shared!

Join us – follow us online today #theIPOZeffect