GIPSEA-PR: Free-Inertial enabled Photogrammetry for accurate subsea measurement

IPOZ announces a market disrupting subsea survey and imaging solution project is close to market.

With the rapid pace of technological innovation driving the design and manufacturing of today’s subsea technologies – companies looking to leverage the latest advancements in survey equipment must keep a careful on quality of data and the overall ROI of the solution.  

From the transition of 2D drawings to 3D CAD models, the tools we use are continuously changing - resulting in an amplified need for quality assurance and budget controls, especially in the subsea energy construction industry.

Measuring and collecting the accurate data is critical for project efficiency – and in the subsea surveying industry collecting timely information you can rely on is paramount.  In this instance, projects are accompanied by a series of challenging measurement conditions - assets to control, skills of the staff, flexibility of the equipment etc. – the IPOZ solution, GIPSEA-PR, will offer clients looking for enhanced decision making capabilities and efficiency to determine accurate positioning data through this versatile technology solution.  Spool jumper metrologies, inspection/repair/maintenance efforts, infrastructure mapping and mooring chain inspections scratch the surface of the capabilities of evolving subsea photogrammetry.

The GIPSEA-PR system is a 3D measurement system for touchless dynamic subsea metrology.  Built with a proprietary camera system, GIPSEA-PR is designed for precision subsea measurements, providing fast, accurate and repeatable results in a fraction of the time of conventional and scanning methods. All this in an easy to use, efficiently trainable, psuedo-automated and remote API controlled platform.


·        Produce client specified and industry standard deliverables

·        Fast and automated processing pipeline

·        Reduces ROV/Survey Vessel time while collecting data subsea

·        Significantly minimizes the need for expert operators

·        Measure existing infrastructure for Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

By combining free space inertial tracking with passive sensing, we can supply a system that provides the subsea contractor with a tool that can measure infrastructure like never before; automatically delivering data from fixed fiducials to points clouds, 3D models, virtual reality and actionable CAD data.

Integrated Technology Functions

·        High precision, free-inertial GIPSEA system coordinates

·        Proprietary RGB Camera system imagery

·        Geotagged, pre-processed images export

·        Topside processing, bespoke software

·        QC the data while GIPSEA-PR is on location

·        Efficient and accurate results



As the GIPSEA-PR continues its development, you can reach out directly to our support team to get more information.