The proof is in the pudding...

IPOZ Systems releases dynamic touchless metrology system test results.

Results from testing can be one of the most influential contributors to sound decision making in the industries in which we operate.

IPOZ Systems, dynamic touchless metrology system, the GIPSEA-PR recently completed a successful series of “in air” tests at our facility located in Katy, TX.  The GIPSEA-PR system is an efficient, unobtrusive, survey tool that supports those looking to master the subsea realm. 

“Utilizing our proven free-inertial technology paired with a passive RGB sensor, we were able to collect actionable data efficiently to derive relative coordinates, heading, pitch and roll of simulated hubs in our yard. Comparing the results to a dimensional control survey yields positive statistics. Now for tests in the pool!” – IPOZ Joel Saxum

More test results to come, be sure to follow along with #IPOZtheproof